Meet The Team


South Central Ambulance

Director of Operations/ Paramedic - Shaun Buehner A-Shift Paramedic Tim Kalbfliesch.
B-Shift Paramedic Fred Klingman B-Shift Paramedic Kim Valenti
C-Shift Paramedic Beth Sundman C-Shift Paramedic Steve Grimm
Auxillary Paramedic Jim Kiser Auxillary Paramedic Lisa Unsinger Auxillary Paramedic Ken Olp
Auxillary Paramedic Andrew Cumberledge Auxillary Paramedic Dan Koziol (Director retired 1976-2018) Auxillary Paramedic Derek Nelson
Auxillary EMT Hailey Burns Auxillary EMT Joe Winfrey Auxillary EMT Linn Hess
Auxillary EMT Lew Dunbar   Auxillary EMT Adan Varner

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3100 US Highway 6
Rome, Ohio 44085
(440) 563-5619
Fax: (440) 563-3733

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