Meet The Team


South Central Ambulance

Director of Operations/ Paramedic - Dan Koziol
Paramedic / Asst Director Shaun Buehner A-Shift Paramedic Tim Kalbfliesch.
B-Shift Paramedic Fred Klingman B-Shift Paramedic Kim Valenti
C-Shift Paramedic Beth Sundman C-Shift Paramedic Steve Grimm
Auxillary Paramedic Jim Kiser Auxillary Paramedic Lisa Unsinger Auxillary Paramedic Ken Olp
Auxillary Paramedic Andrew Cumberledge   Auxillary Paramedic Derek Nelson
Auxillary EMT Hailey Burns Auxillary EMT Joe Winfrey Auxillary EMT Linn Hess
Auxillary EMT Lew Dunbar   Auxillary EMT Adan Varner

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3100 US Highway 6
Rome, Ohio 44085
(440) 563-5619
Fax: (440) 563-3733

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